Meet The Team

Carlos Weidemann started the business is 1991 with the help of wife Susan. Before creating Werco he worked in a Vetenary clinic and wanted a job where he could being talking with people all day long. As he transitioned to working for a a furniture and upholstery company he saw the need for carpet in the area. With his background in furnishings and his people skills and desire to be independent he started Werco Carpeting and Flooring in 1991.

Now Carlos over sees all the projects at Werco. On his free time he likes to play Golf and watch Soccer.

Susan Weidemann has been involved at Werco Flooring since inception. Before she was working full time at Werco she was an office manager for an international non profit organization in DC. As Werco began to grow Susan began to help out more frequently in the family business until she took a full time role. For the last 12 years she has taken on the official role of office manager overseeing all the book keeping, and office duties making sure everything on the back end runs smoothly.

On her free time Susan is an artist and loves to paint oil on canvas and joins artist workshops in the area.

Arturo Cedillos is Werco’s project manager. He began working with Werco in 1991 as an installer. After many years of mastering the art of carpet and flooring installation he is now The project manager and leads teams and crews of 10 or more installers. Arturo oversees all the details that go into coordinating and executing all of Werco’s jobs. He is very detailed oriented and makes sure to leave every client happy with a job completed well!

Arturo also loves watching soccer on his free time and spending time with his family.

Juliana Weidemann is the daughter of Carlos and Susan. She began working in the family business after she graduated from college. She has been working with Werco Flooring for 7 years and has put a new modern twist to the company. She is in charged of sales and marketing. Having grown up in the family company she has extensive knowledge of flooring product knowledge. he previous jobs were customer service oriented and transitioned great into the family business.

On her free time she sells creates and sells artwork and showcases art in the DC area.